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Our Vision

is to provide a true sense of traditional Arctic exploration. In 2026 we are planning a once in a lifetime adventure through the Northwest Passage, as a part of the project "In the Wake of Amundsen". We will follow the route of Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen, 120 years after he and his crew became the first to transitt the passage. Get in contact if you want to participate in this life-changing adventure.




"Alma af Frøya"

The classic Hardangerjakt "Alma af Frøya" was completed in 2012 to a very high standard, by Norwegian boat builder Harald Sørensen. Since launched, Alma has been used a school ship by the Municipality of Karmøy, and hence maintained in pristine condition. The ship was sold to the current owner in 2021 and is now used for expeditions with guest in the northern part of Norway, Iceland and Greenland. Onboard Alma you will feel the link to the traditional Norwegian boat builder art, and a seaworthiness that allows free and safe movement during cruising.

The inspiration and design of Alma is based on the traditional "Hardangerjakt". This design was also the basis of Roald Amundsens ship "Gjøa", which was used to transit the Northwest Passage for the first time in 1906.

We are now opening for booking a seat on the expedition in the route of Amundsen through the Northwest Passage, starting from Norway in May 2026. In the years ahead of that there is opportunity to join us on adventures in Norway, Iceland and Greenland. Please get in contact with us here if you want to sail with us

[email protected]

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