What We Can Offer

Our Adventure Packages

Explore our range of immersive Arctic sailing trips and experience the thrill of the northern seas.

Two Man Hiking on Snow Mountain

Ski-Sail Combo

Experience the best of both worlds with our Ski-Sail Combo, where you can ski on pristine slopes and sail through breathtaking Arctic waters on the same journey.

Onboard Accommodation

Enjoy the comfort of traditional Arctic exploration with our onboard accommodation, providing an authentic experience amidst the stunning Norwegian landscapes.

Guided Exploration

Embark on guided exploration trips led by experienced professionals, ensuring a safe and educational adventure through Norway’s stunning natural beauty.

Why Choose Amundsen Adventure?

Discover the unique value of traveling with us – combining adventure, comfort, and expert guidance for an unmatched Arctic experience.

Expert Guidance

Our experienced crew provides expert guidance and ensures your safety while you explore the beauty of Norway’s landscapes.

Immersive Journeys

Experience the Arctic like never before with our immersive sailing trips that promise unforgettable moments and authentic exploration.

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